Did you know that science suggests that happiness is a choice?

This 7-part course helps teach you how to make positive changes in your daily actions. You'll learn how we often think about happiness in the wrong ways and how to change those beliefs. You'll be happier, more productive and less stressed.

This is the same program, using brain science and positive psychology, that Happy Brain Science has been teaching live for years to thousands of employees.

Valued at $249


At first I wasn't sure...

Douglas Newton - Development Director, FosterHope Sacramento

"At first I wasn't sure what I would get out of this course, but after diving in I realized that the Happy Brain Science online course empowers anyone who uses it to assume a greater control over their happiness and productivity at work. Through the course I've improved my own understanding of my potential. It's also helped how we all get along in my agency. I recommend this course highly to anyone who wishes to find greater job satisfaction, greater personal happiness in general, and increased focus and productivity at work."

Valued at $249

What You'll Learn In This Course:

15 min, 22 sec

WORKING HAPPINESS: Lesson 1 focuses on the 'why' behind increasing happiness at work. 

CHOOSE HAPPINESS: Lesson 2 teaches the what, why and how of happiness at work.

14 min, 43 sec

SOOTHE STRESS: Lesson 3 identifies how stress impacts the brain and productivity at work.

15 min, 17 sec

PRACTICE POSITIVITY: Lesson 4 confirms that a bunch of really cheesy and corny sounding stuff about positive attitude really works. 

14 min, 37 sec

FLOW TO GOALS: Lesson 5 outlines how and why progress towards meaningful goals is essential to happiness and productivity at work. 

11 min, 33 sec

MINIMIZE MULTI-TASKING: Lesson 6 teaches strategies for overcoming distractions at work.

17 min, 44 sec

PRIORITIZE PROGRESS: Lesson 7 teaches research-based strategies to build relationships and increase trust in your workplace.

What you get with this course

  • Introduction Video
  • 7 Lesson Videos
  • Short Lesson Quizzes
  • A Wrap-Up Video
  • Interactive Workbook
  • Pre-Quiz (to see just how much you know about happiness)
  • Post-Quiz (to see how much you've learned about happiness)
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Happiness @ Work Action Plan
  • Increased Happiness, Productivity and Success at Work and in Life!

I recommend this course to everyone!

Grant Shonkwiler - Executive Director

"This program is the perfect mix of interaction and teaching, as I learned about the science of happiness I found myself invigorated by the new knowledge that I can control my own happiness. As I went through the lessons I found myself making goals and plans on how to implement the lessons into my everyday life. The included worksheets are great for reflecting and focusing on what YOU can do to increase your happiness. I would recommend this course to everyone!"

If you are looking to be happier at work, life and play, this is the course for you!

Valued at $249

If You're Not Happy, We'll Give You Your Money Back. We Love Saying That Word Happy!

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